Life purpose – do you really need it?

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Man hiking #masculine #essence #livinglove Life purpose -do you really need it?

This will largely depend on your core orientation to masculine or feminine essence. For the masculine essence, which is mostly men, purpose is central to his motivation. For the feminine essence, which is mostly women, love is central to her motivation. These days there is a lot of pressure to find your overarching life purpose. This will supposedly lead to greater … Read More

Food for Love – for men & women

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#livinglove Food for Love

Have you ever wondered what makes a man or woman happy in relationship? What is food for love? Did you ever feel like your relationship is going stale or lacking appreciation? Are you longing to give and receive love in a way that opens you to more love? There are basic nutrients for love in a relationship such as authenticity, … Read More

Difficult emotions – how to handle them

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How to handle unwanted emotions

I know from my own experience that unwanted or difficult emotions can be challenging. They can make you feel out of control, off purpose or simply distressed. Do you have bursts of anger that you later regret? Or do you experience an upwelling of sadness at unexpected moments? Do you find yourself often in emotional turmoil? Perhaps you suspect that your, or your partner’s emotions, are negatively effecting … Read More

Inspiration and Intention, beyond fear.

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henna tatooed hands

Last night on a teleseminar for the Living Love Training we explored the relationship between intention, inspiration and fear, to access the deeper layers of creativity, passion, gifting and purpose. To go beyond fear. In preparation the participants had chosen a brief offering of their inspiration to share on the call – a song, a poem, comedy, crazy wisdom……. and … Read More

Love is a risk

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#livinglove #kissing #polarity

If Love is a risk, then why do it? What are you willing to risk for love? Love isn’t something we can control, organise, keep in a pretty box, a spreadsheet or an iphone. It isn’t anything we can rationally understand. Love flies is the face of our egoic structures that attempt to keep us safe and protected. It is a ’freefall’. Once … Read More

Love or fear? Where are you?

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Love or fear? - Living Love

In the Living Love workshops we have practices that help people feel and acknowledge if they are opening in love or closing in fear, without judgement. Wow! This is simple but powerful as often we don’t realise if we are open or closed. This is especially true if we are habitually in protection mode. From the openness of love we create deep … Read More

Warrior Tips for Men

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man above clouds

In order to cultivate his masculine essence a man can increase the amount of ‘challenge’ he can handle in his body & mind, which will strengthen and ‘widen’ his presence, and increase his spiritual freedom. The masculine is most alive living at his ‘edge’ with the right amount of challenge to increase mastery of himself and how he relates to … Read More

Expand your Creative Potential

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Create: Bring(something) into existence.  Cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions Creativity is natural – we are constantly creating something – a meal, a job, a project, an evening out. Creativity is not just about art or music, its about our desire to bring things into existence. Its about feeling that wonderful sense of purpose, potential, focus, … Read More

Ways to create heaven on earth today

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Praise five people for who they already are. It’s worth the effort when you feel what happens in you and the other. Notice if any stinginess or embarrassment comes up and breathe through it. And offer at least one ‘in person’, virtual praise just isn’t the same edge. ………………………………………… Take a risk, open through fear and express love. There may … Read More