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By invitation I arrived in Shanghai July 28th to offer a Living Love workshop for 4 days. It was my first visit to China so it was leap into the unknown in many ways. Primarily it was new to offer my Living Love work to only Chinese people, communicating via a translator. Day 1 of the workshop set the scene- the first introductions were deep, with people revealing big issues and intimate facts. There were a lot of tears. It was mainly women in the workshop, but even with just a few men as the days went on we managed to get good polarity happening! It seems that generally few men are yet interested in personal growth in China.

I’m going back to do more  workshops in December, including a ‘How to be a Woman’ workshop….. it seems this is an issue in China as the women feel very neutral or masculinised, and want to change and explore their feminine essence.  The unique combination of past patriarchy and communism has left its mark. Now there is a thirst for sexual discovery, personal growth, psychology.

I arrived at the airport in Shanghai close to 11pm, after a long day of travel, and was met by the promoter Mr Huang, who speaks no English, and his son who does speak English quite well and was later to come to all the dinners and meetings so I had someone to talk to. Sweet. On the way to the hotel Mr Huang informs me that he had organised a night class only for the women on sex, by their request. Can I teach that? I was bit surprised but then I thought ‘Ok’, and said ‘Yes’. Inside thinking what will they want to know –  anatomy, orgasmic responses, tantra?

My first day there is a prep day so I have the morning to sleep, rest and arrive at 1pm for meetings at the hotel training room, plus lunch at the broth shop (confusing but yummy). It’s all very happy and organised in a family type of way, no one speaks English so most of the time I don’t have to talk too much, which ends up being relaxing and I can just be and let the sounds flow around me. The assistant has a phone with a translation app so we can cover the basics.

Miranda was a switched on interpreter, she works with lots of trainers and so understands people, psychology, patterns, etc. She gave me good advice at times on how to present in her culture. As did Mr Huang. I learnt that Family Constellations is very big work in China. There is a sense of being oppressed by one’s ancestors. In one of the open circles I had an opportunity to address this issue of ancestors in a different way, suggesting that by choosing to love now they were healing backwards into their lineage, (and forwards into the future.) That we can’t understand everything from the past and work it though, but we can heal it in the present moment. This was very well received, they were moved and understood.

So many things happened, I was challenged and opened in all kinds of ways. The group loved doing exercises, being up and moving. Simple touch was extremely powerful and emotional as there is little touching and for some participants not even as children. On the last day we did group theatre pieces exploring a range of energies – and they were incredibly beautiful and creative and laugh out loud funny.

I did some private sessions as well as the night class. The night class was a mixture of anatomy, orgasms and tantra. Plus some exercises to open to pleasure and desire, women’s business. The curiosity was very high, a hunger for knowledge and experience.

I was busy in my time in Shanghai, but the level of support and care I received was perfect and what I needed to be able to do the workshop with ease and grace. Plus I like Chinese food so that helped.

They have given great feedback, the participants loved the workshop and went on social media to talk about it in glowing terms.

So I feel very full and grateful – what an experience!

As Helen, a Living Love trainee said, ‘These brave, curious souls are choosing to change their lives and the destiny of their generations to come’. I honour their growth.

Cynthia Connop
About the author:
Cynthia Connop is a relationship consultant, international documentary filmmaker and the founder and facilitator of the Living Love programs.

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