Strengthen your masculine or feminine essence

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You will not be surprised that one of my favorite subjects is masculine and feminine essence and polarity. When this union and interplay is working well we feel enlivened, authentic, and like we have come home to ourselves. When it isn’t working so well we can feel uncomfortable, deadened, exhausted and uninspired with life or with our relationships. Or just having a sense that something could be better, or the passion is missing. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to strengthen and nurture your masculine or feminine essence.

People often don’t realise that one of the major ways we can enhance our essence is to spend time with others of the same essence. Yin (feminine) increases yin, and yang (masculine) increases yang.

 “spending too much time with women/feminine”

Men - strengthen your masculine or feminine essence.If you are a masculine essence, and you are feeling confused or purposeless or uninspired, check in and see if you are spending too much time with feminine essence beings. Perhaps you are with your partner 24/7. Or socialising only with feminine friends, being a ‘buddy’, or are working mostly with the feminine. Or you may be alone a lot of the time, without masculine company.

If you spend time with good people who have a masculine essence this will increase your own. Whether that’s in a men’s group, a sports club, a bar, or some time with a good masculine friend. The masculine grows by challenge, and together you can activate the core masculine. Be willing to challenge others and be challenged yourself in a way that takes you deeper into your authentic masculine self.

 “feeling unattractive, overworked or unseen”

Two women hugging Strengthen your masculine or feminine essenceFor feminine/women, if you are overdoing your masculine energy you may be feeling angular, tired, lacking sex drive, unattractive, overworked or unseen. You can help this by nurturing your feminine essence and taking time to be with loving feminine essence in a certain way. This means unfocused, enjoyable, flowing time together, without too many plans, and lots of laughter or tears.

It may include creativity, movement, touch, pampering, shopping, or simply soulful communing over a shared meal. This will be restorative to your radiance and shining heart. The feminine opens through being seen and verbally appreciated so make sure you give freely to each other in this way. You will emerge back into your life restored.

“they feel uncomfortable, even afraid”

I often have people telling me they don’t like spending quality time with the same sex. They feel uncomfortable, even afraid. This can be because of several things, but generally it’s because of our childhood. Often the same sex parent may have been emotionally unsafe, and this is triggered. It is even more important then to find others with who you feel safe and can express your vulnerability. This allows the fear to unravel and your essence will grow stronger.

“more attraction and passionate sexuality”

Strengthen your masculine or feminine essence. #livinglove #kissing #polarityCouples, if you are spending all your time together it is highly important to be with others of the same sex, as described above. Then you you come back to each other in heightened polarity, which means more attraction and passionate sexuality – and less arguments.

Singles before you go on a date or to meet a potential partner, spend time with same-sex friends beforehand. This will make you enhanced in your essence and more magnetic and attractive, less neutralised. I hear from singles they are going on dates and ending up with many ‘friends’ and no lover. This is one way to stop that. Be compelling in your essence.

More ways to strengthen your masculine or feminine essence here!

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