Security and Sizzle

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Couple looking at each other smiling - Security and sizzle

The beginning of the New Year is a good time for some forward movement in our lives and relationships. Not by pushing and prodding ourselves to do better (that didn’t work last year anyway, right) but by a sweet and clear reflection on what you want and need. It sounds simple but many of us are disconnected from what we … Read More

5 Tips for Your Intimacy Recharge 

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5 Tips for yotr intimacy recharge - Couple hugging

Christmas holidays are coming up and for many people it’s a time for family, friends, parties or just having a quiet break to restore and recharge after a busy year. Why not use this time to reignite your intimate life, whether you are single or partnered? Here are 5 Tips for Your Intimacy recharge. Our sexual energy and intimacy are natural … Read More

The Big Love Myth

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Sign Love Yourself First The Big Love Myth

I hear it a lot – if your relationship isn’t working or you have had a painful break-up, or you are unhappily single, it is because of the big love myth “You have to love yourself first before anyone else will.” It has almost become a cliche, that self-love is the cure all. What comes to mind is images of … Read More

5 Ways to more Love and Awareness

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5 Ways to Love & Awareness - Man and bird close up

When we feel caught up in the day to day, or lost in our fears and thoughts, we can easily forget that Love and Awareness are available now and just a heartbeat away! And while I know it can be hard to make a shift, I also know that just a taste can be highly impactful and lead to an … Read More

Are You Really Listening?

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Couple close up and listening Are you really listening?

In the work I do with couples I find that being able to really listen to each other is a big factor in relationship satisfaction. And this is not just true for couples, it is important in all our relationships. In the article I want to share some insights and a case study to ask – Are you really listening? … Read More