Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 2

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couple in water. Essential Masculine & feminine Part 2

In my last blog Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 1 I explained the qualities of each essence and how the differences can work to create attraction and spark. In this Part 2 I suggest practical ways to increase masculine and feminine sexual essence. Whether you are single or in a relationship you can improve your well-being, relationships and sexual polarity. Let’s … Read More

Essential Masculine & Feminine Part 1

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A couple Essential masculine & Feminine Part 1

Singles and Couples, you have no doubt noticed there are different modes of being, feeling and communicating in relationships and dating. Essential masculine & feminine energies are all around us and in us. The masculine essence is the part of us that is present, conscious, directional, with penetrative focus and clarity. He is motivated by freedom, purpose, awareness, achieving his … Read More

6 Sex & Intimacy Tips

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6 Tips to Recharge your Sex & Intimacy

Introduction For sex and intimacy to develop we need time. Time put aside for dating, relationships and love making. And to make time in our busy lives for this, we need to value it. These 6 Sex & Intimacy Tips below will help you do that. This is especially important at this time of the year as we head into Christmas … Read More

3 Ways to stay positive when single

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Beautiful woman looking upwards. 3 ways to stay positive when single

As we navigate our way out of lockdown and border closures, especially in Australia but also elsewhere, there are unique challenges for singles. Old fears and disappointments can resurface as dating resumes. It can be discouraging to have no-show coffee dates, rude online behaviour, even meeting nice people you are not attracted to. Some people are reluctant to start dating again, others are … Read More

Find your Sacred Gifts

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Find your inspiration, Intention & Gifts

Would you like to find your sacred gifts? Revising this article from the original during the current COVID pandemic I am aware that many people naturally feel restricted, unseen and stalled in their life. Their dreams are on hold, if not dead. And yet I see how the people who find and hold on to their sacred intention, inspiration and … Read More

The critic that kills love

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We often read about the destructiveness of being critical of others, but what about when you are overly critical of yourself? The idea that we have an internal critical voice is not new. Most of us have some awareness that we can be overly critical of ourselves, our bodies, our performance. We even learn to not believe or listen to … Read More

2 mistakes to avoid in relationships

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Woman kisses man on forehead. Blog Two mistakes in relationships

1. One of the 2 mistakes to avoid in relationships that can happen between masculine and feminine is confusing direction and surrender, for adult and child patterning. The masculine has the gift of direction, leading, setting goals. The feminine has the gift of surrender, following, creativity. When these two energies are interacting in polarity each person is respecting and enjoying … Read More

Do people change?

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Sundued couple Romantic or tantric

Do people change? We are all changing constantly, growing, ageing, learning about life, so the answer is ‘Yes of course’. Do people change deep-set patterns and habits, angry tendencies, crippling fear, lack of will etc? Yes, they can and do, but many will not. They don’t get the right support, or they don’t yet know they can change these things. Their … Read More